End of Life

There are many things to address at the End of Life: emotions,  physical issues and unfinished business.  As a loved one, we may need to advocate for the dying person's preference regarding  treatment or lack thereof.  

We need to acknowledge that birth and death are both normal parts of our lives. Anxiety and fear need to be released and become Gratitude and Love.

We may have a "Shared Death Experience" (SDE's) as defined by Dr Raymond Moody: "In these experiences, bystanders who are close to a dying person experience many of the same aspects of the NDE (Near Death Experience) along with the dying person, including leaving their bodies, meeting beings of light, and seeing the life review of the dying person. These Shared Death Experiencers are not dying but are experiencing part of what the person dying is experiencing and feeling.

I have been involved in End of Life research and creation of  protocols to help us experience the Ideal Death. My intention is to assist clients and loved ones experience a positive End of Life. One’s death can be a very spiritual experience for all.

I teach medical professionals how we should all support the dying process. It is important to honor the dying person’s wishes at the end of their life whether we agree with their choices or not. We wouldn’t want our choices dishonored at the end of our life therefore we need to honor their’s.


IANDS:   www.iands.org . I am on the Board of the IANDS of Santa Barbara, CA.

Altruisim in Medicine Institute:  www.altruismmedicine.org

Shared Crossing Project:   www.sharedcrossing.com