E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT* has been described as a relaxation and stress reduction technique.  It is an emotional form of acupressure developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford-trained engineer who worked with Roger Callahan (creator of Thought Field Therapy). EFT addresses physical as well as emotional issues. There are several forms of EFT. The "Gold Standard" EFT created by Gary Craig in the mid 1990's, Optimal EFT,  Gary's newest form of EFT , and Matrix Re-Imprinting created by Karl Dawson, a student of Gary Craig.

Research materials are accessible at:  www.emofree.com   

Click Below to read an intro to Claudia Logan from The Unseen Therapist by Gary Craig.

Click for EFT worksheet.

Click for EFT worksheet.


Optimal EFT

Optimal EFT is the newest form of EFT created by Gary Craig. It  assists in the healing of physical, emotional and spiritual issues and potentially elevates our consciousness. The “Unseen Therapist”©  guides us to the specific events which need to be treated to heal.

I am a member of The Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course: www.emofree.com


Matrix Re-Imprinting 

Matrix Re-Imprinting is a form of EFT which was developed by Karl Dawson. It uses Quantum Physics, to describe an “ECHO” which is an “energetic consciousness hologram” within a trauma capsule that resides in our bio-morphic field. This field is part of  The Matrix, first researched by Max Planck in 1944. EFT, in the tapping form,  is done by the client on the "ECHO" and the emotional or physical issue is cleared.  The Practitioner taps on the client so you need to allow tapping.

Matrix Re-Imprinting accesses old, traumatic memories/events in a very gentle fashion. We do not want to "relive" the trauma. We are not "desensitizing" the memory, we are clearing the emotional trauma for the "Echo" with EFT and releasing the negative core belief which was created.



*EFT is a self-help technique and still considered to be experimental: an alternative or complementary energy therapy. Information on this site is for general education and is not intended to replace qualified medical or psychological advice or treatment.