EFT - Webinars

Official EFT Webinar #30 - Questions and Answers


Official EFT Webinar #25 - a healing journey for the audience 2


Official EFT Webinar #19 - Optimal EFT Workshop synopsis - Dental and vision issues


Official EFT Webinar #12 - General Questions and Discussions


Official EFT Webinar #11 - "Expanding our Essence Part 2" - Claudia at 20:50


Official EFT Webinar #10 - "Expanding our Essence" - Claudia at 10:07 & 16:00


Official EFT Webinar #9 - For empaths


Optimal EFT - "Radiating Love Part 1"


Optimal EFT - "Radiating Love Part 2"


Optimal EFT - "Radiating Love Part 3"


Optimal EFT - "Radiating Love Follow-up"


EFT Founder, Gary Craig discusses with Claudia the use of Optimal EFT for her pneumonia"

*EFT is a self-help technique and still considered to be experimental: an alternative or complementary energy therapy. Information on this site is for general education and is not intended to replace qualified medical or psychological advice or treatment.